Simple Anatomy For Artists - 6 Week Course w/ Assignments

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Bogged down by all the names and shapes of muscles, bones, tissues, and tendons? 

Don't worry, I was too. 

Not everyone aims to be an anatomical specialist. Some of us just want our figures characters to look "right."

That's the aim of this course, really. To loosely unravel the mysteries of hands, heads, feet, and faces. 

I aim to give simple and straightforward demoes and assignments for learning and simplifying the body and it's many mysteries. 

This course will enable you to get a clearer understanding of the skeleton, muscles, and anatomical aspects of male and female figures. 

It's a great way to help elevate your figure drawing abilities whether you aim to create anime, manga, animations, concept art, or illustrations. 

Here's an outline of the curriculum herein:

Week 1:

General anatomy overview: - Proportions - Simplification - Skeleton - Muscles - Male vs Female

Week 2:

The Head - Features & foundations

Week 03:

The Hands & Feet - Expressive and Understandable

Week 04:

The Torso & Core - Turning the trunk

Week 05:

The Legs - Learning to balance and reinforce them

Week 06:

Full Body - Fusing the foundations - Bringing it all together


  • .MP4 Video Files - Several for each Week
  • A 8.5" x 11" Printable PDF with lessons and images from the demos
  • Access to a Private Pinterest board for anatomical study and understanding


Do you give feedback on my work?

No, this is a self-directed course. I would have to re-upload all the files to and set office hours and critique groups to make that feasible. It would raise the price beyond most people's budget.

What level of artists should take this course?

Beginners to intermediate artists, or those who specialize in landscape or hard surface work. This will help you gain practical methods for generating appealing anatomy in your figures.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital and downloadable nature of the course, there are no refunds. 

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Simple Anatomy For Artists - 6 Week Course w/ Assignments

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